miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Why do you think you have chakras?

For a long long time, several religions have stated that there is a correlation between God, our egos and our chakras.

Why do you think you have chakras? a dream? how would that dream be true? it is nothing but a dream, should my dreams be true, my school companions would be the zerg race from Starcraft (tm) as I dreamt.

Why would have God made you filled with strange dots you must think of to know Him? That is madness.

Why would have God made you united with everybody but separated at the same time? He is watching you alone, why would you be spared completely and watch your supposed ego die? Have you seen anybody's ego die? How did it die? They became nothing? How do they breathe? How do they eat? How do they drink? How do they keep identifying themselves with their names?

They just state they do.

Millions of lies from the prince of lies. For the pride of not wanting to be wrong.

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