miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Why do you think you have chakras?

For a long long time, several religions have stated that there is a correlation between God, our egos and our chakras.

Why do you think you have chakras? a dream? how would that dream be true? it is nothing but a dream, should my dreams be true, my school companions would be the zerg race from Starcraft (tm) as I dreamt.

Why would have God made you filled with strange dots you must think of to know Him? That is madness.

Why would have God made you united with everybody but separated at the same time? He is watching you alone, why would you be spared completely and watch your supposed ego die? Have you seen anybody's ego die? How did it die? They became nothing? How do they breathe? How do they eat? How do they drink? How do they keep identifying themselves with their names?

They just state they do.

Millions of lies from the prince of lies. For the pride of not wanting to be wrong.

Spiritual Gurus, spiritual organizations

Teosophy, researchers of the spirit and many others, will claim to be helping mankind in the attainment of bliss and spiritual wellness with fake Gods and techniques that work not, for it is your hearth that counts as He said.

Many books are and will be written about chakras and meditation, how can you feel the invisible things when you can't see the visible things? Watch the Holy Shroud and remember the truth!

What makes them go then, you may ask yourself perhaps? It is but the attainment of more sins on mankind their very only motivation as has always been times untold. Have you been fooled? Lay down thine pride and beg for forgiveness as you must, as an arrow flying true in the pure blue sky shall justice come back to you.

Notice how much interwined religions they mix, and the word of Jesus they easily forget, from places undisclosed they bring the most varied tomes of said wisdom and present them to you, in times even free of charge on excuse that they want your good. Have you seen this madness? Several bodies you are supposed to have, adjusted by breath and staying put in meditations strange. Millions of books for billions of lies, how can you feel the invisible things when you cannot see the visible ones?

How can you expect, to find God by sitting and doing nothing, how can you expect, to find Him by imagining color circumferences opening up, how can you expect to achieve something without doing anything of impact!

Jump arround, breathe strangely, repeat this mantra, take these idols, watch this symbol, how can you expect God to look at you in such a confusion of colors and madness?

Love and justice is the only thing He ever seeks.

Barbie Girl

As Aqua's song, Barbie Girl, imagination life is your creation seemed to be the mantra of the New Age movement, likely this would be diagnosed as schizophrenia, how would anyone see things not there and ignore the truth for convenience of beliefs fake?

Paper would bleed and cry should we paste on it all there is to say and nay about this movement of lies nonending, according to it we have to awaken spiritually for nothing done for it in a time to come, maybe with the mayan calendar according, maybe with other motif or sound natural catastrophe, it is not known, yet they can predict the future at the time they align your chakras.

Our soul will mourn the day we decided to let them talk and expand their beliefs inane, for it is none but the prince of lies talking trough them.

A New Ager will have the following characteristics:

-He or she is a mage or does something in the past related to witchcraft.
-Will talk about energy or vibrations, and chakras, chakras are popular because they are from other beliefs.
-There is source apart from God and it is the light (Lucifer will present himself as the bearer of light).
-He or she may insist that God hates crhistians should the chance arrive.
-Will mix beliefes like he whom mixes up a beverage, adding several religions to boost.
-Will know at a very young age surprisingly about things of the spirit he or she will say, namely about chakras and the astral, and this will not come as a surprise, as it is a fallen angel or a soul sold to Satan whom has received this information and as for such can know it beforehand.
-Will claim that all of this is part of the human subconscious to try and fool men, for it will be engraved in the mind of men, having grown hearing it constantly on TV and other media.

These and many others are the characteristics of the New Ager, whom at a young age will have achieved samadhi, spiritual perfection, serenity, conversation with the higher self, conversations with 'God', astral travels, looking beyond the veils and other many characteristics while doing nothing, for nothing such person in reality has attained.

Such is the wicked soul, always lying.