miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Spiritual Gurus, spiritual organizations

Teosophy, researchers of the spirit and many others, will claim to be helping mankind in the attainment of bliss and spiritual wellness with fake Gods and techniques that work not, for it is your hearth that counts as He said.

Many books are and will be written about chakras and meditation, how can you feel the invisible things when you can't see the visible things? Watch the Holy Shroud and remember the truth!

What makes them go then, you may ask yourself perhaps? It is but the attainment of more sins on mankind their very only motivation as has always been times untold. Have you been fooled? Lay down thine pride and beg for forgiveness as you must, as an arrow flying true in the pure blue sky shall justice come back to you.

Notice how much interwined religions they mix, and the word of Jesus they easily forget, from places undisclosed they bring the most varied tomes of said wisdom and present them to you, in times even free of charge on excuse that they want your good. Have you seen this madness? Several bodies you are supposed to have, adjusted by breath and staying put in meditations strange. Millions of books for billions of lies, how can you feel the invisible things when you cannot see the visible ones?

How can you expect, to find God by sitting and doing nothing, how can you expect, to find Him by imagining color circumferences opening up, how can you expect to achieve something without doing anything of impact!

Jump arround, breathe strangely, repeat this mantra, take these idols, watch this symbol, how can you expect God to look at you in such a confusion of colors and madness?

Love and justice is the only thing He ever seeks.

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